Educational Plugins

The Network

Building on the power of WordPress Multisites, The Network adds core business functionality that is employed universally across our network of sites. It creates a uniform system for email management, users and roles management, payment processing, and more.

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Certificates LMS

A system for the management of online certification, training, and other credential-worthy educational courses. This plugin transforms your WordPress Installation into a secured learning management system with tools for managing students and their assignments with multiple trainers and courses.

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People CRM

The People CRM sits on top of a separate WordPress installation and helps to manage the flow of users from casual learners to engaged students. This Customer Relationships Manager (CRM) helps with the management of users, their interactions with company websites and company representatives, and email marketing and transnational interactions.

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The Library

The Library serves as both an informational hub and seed bed for scouting out prospective students for your certification programs. Where visitors are not initially ready to make long-term commitments to certification, the Library allows companies to begin engagement at a lower, more universal level.

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